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wer nicht sitzen kann, muss liegen. Kam denen wahrscheinlich spanisch vor, so mit "Hände hoch" im Fahrradabteil…immerhin, der Schaffner als Fotograf, meinte nur ich soll es nicht gegen die Bahn verwenden, i.S. Platzmangel. Davon kann keine Rede, ein ganzes Abteil für mich, welches Flugzeug bietet sowas?

Danke für die super Übung, Jan, leider aber auch kein Durchbruch bei mir, ich bleib dran…

Spät abeManfred Heinennds auf den finalen Metern Richtung Zuhause, nach einem schönen letzten Tag vor der Weihnachtspause in Osnabrück (IfM), mache ich einen Zwischenstop im Kiosk "Zur Severinstorburg". Der Eigentümer schlägt die Decke zur Seite, die die warme Luft zwischen einem Gas Katalytofen und einem Paar Knien kanalisiert und überwindet die drei Meter hinter den Tresen, um mir gut gelaunt klägliche € 1,40 abzunehmen. Ein Pärchen kommt herein, "willst du noch einen Schokoriegel, oder ein Eis…?" Ich bin schon fast draußen, aber die Gesichter kenne ich, ich schau nochmal hin, und……

the one and only: Manfred Heinen und Andrea Kaiser. Herrlich!



a mail from Mariana Sadovska:

I am back to Kyiv after few days in Mariupol, city, surrounded by russian army, and  Zaporizzia . I can not describe everything I saw and heard, every meeting, every conversation, each story made me, for sure, stronger, and in the same time I feel now, like most of the people over there - calm  and ready to face the worst. Everybody are getting prepared  for a long, dark, cold winter.  For the war. No body has doubts, not in the West of Ukraine, not in the East -   this is Russian Armee and Putin, who are now bringing death, distortion  and suffer into Ukraine. If not Putin- we will be dealing  now with our corruption,  with our inner problems. Very often I heard, that his monster  ( Putin) managed to burn out the hearts…many hearts…not every one, I know it for sure, but many…

I was not alone in Marioupol- I was there with my dearest friends and teachers - with Les Kurbas Theater from Lviv - director Volodymyr Kuchynskyj, actors Oleh Stefan, Andriy Vodychev, Mykola Bereza and our dear Georgian-banderivka Tamara Gorgisheli . We were performing twice a day in front of the solders of the Battalion Azov, who now are protecting the city - all young, all beautiful, some of them- doctors, teachers, artists, musician, theater and film directors.  Somebody told us, they were smiling for the first time  , after they manage to get out   of Ilovaisk….

In front of the Students of University of Mariupol - wise , attentive, full of energy.
In the city theater- full of people- beautifully dressed kids, flowers, standing ovations everywhere…And , when we were singing the Ukrainian National Anthem - I thought, that, maybe, this is only in Ukraine, when people are singing the Anthem with such energy, trust and love.

We were reading the poetry of writer of Donezk - Vasyl Stus and writer from the West - Bogdan-Ihor Antonych, we were singing the old church prays- Irmos and traditional songs. If only this poetry and music will have a power of talisman, of a pray!

In every city everything is painted  with  blue and yellow - ukrainian national colors- each bridge, each sign, everywhere flags, seems people are trying to believe that this colors will keep away  the evil  …Lots of tears, and lots of jokes, the sound of the Azov see, sunshine and joy, hope and fear..

Just before my train , I visited a 7 years old girl( like my daughter), LIsa Babash, from the village Styla. She run out  of the cellar, and she was hardly injured by explosion …She just awake after one of many operation. The Russian Media and social nets are spreading  a lie, that it was Ukrainian Army, who killed her parents and that she is left whiteout any help. This is not TRUE! I knew about her from our organizer in Mariupol, I met her "grandmother"- women , who take care of her and her brother and sister, while their parents , alcoholic , have no parents rights. I saw the  devoted doctors, and volunteers, who take car of this- very sunny , "soul  of the village" girl…and now will be very important to try to do everything possible and not possible, for to take her to the Hospitals in Germany…if anybody has suggesting about how to do it formally- I will appreciate your help.

I am repeating now again and again the words of Vasyl Stus- we will stay!
And please believe me- Ukraine is now protecting not only our freedom and normal life, but  also your freedom and your normal life. If you don't want the war- be with us!




w/Trio Ivoire on Elbjazz Festival in Hamburg, we played our shortest concert ever, 5 minutes. We were scheduled in the tent, Thalia im Zelt, at 20h30. while playing the last notes of our first piece, the stage manager boarded the stage announcing they had to stop because of extreme weather coming up - no need for panic! frustrating…

at the end of the day we played some pieces of our program as part of the session in the hotel bar, Minino Garay joined, Jim Black performed with Sebastian Gille and band. Very special atmosphere in this time-honoured building from 18-something, closing the next day.

also met drummer Björn Lücker who was leading the session and Markus Strothmann, a young drummer who just moved to HH.




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